Current Projects

Current projects and others planned for 2019

With generosity and strong, capable hands, we bring the “Rising Sun” to the poorest Indians living in Peru’s High Andes

A healthy and sustainable cooking area

In the remote mountain villages many people suffer illness. Their huts consist of a single room, with an open wood-burning hearth serving as a kitchen. Mothers and small children suffer especially, as they breathe in smoke and soot all day. We want to work with the Indians to create cooking places that do not generate smoke and soot and are far more efficient because they burn less wood. We will provide the materials and bring them to the remote mountain villages. Skilled workers hired by us will instruct the Indians on the spot and work with them to build the new cokking areas. We stay only until everything is working.

Warm homes for surviving winter in the High Andes

With climate change, temperatures in the highest inhabited regions of the High Andes can fall to –15ºC in the winter. The Indians’ huts are not insulated or weather-proof. For the sick, the elderly and others with weakened resistence, chances of surviving the winter are poor. As there are no animal shelters, livestock has to remain outside in these icy temperatures in the winter and many animals freeze to death, so the Indians lose their sole asset. Our goal is to equip the local people with the necessary materials and know-how to insulate their huts and build shelters for their livestock.

Other current projects

Cultivation of avocado trees

In collaboration with a local company, avocados are grown with the aim of using the proceeds from sales of the the fruit to provide long-term support for INDIAN FOR EVER projects.

Health care

Among older people in the rural areas of the High Andes, hearing problems and foot ailments are widespread. INDIAN FOR EVER arranges and funds medical check-ups and initial treatment in these cases. The check-ups and treatment are provided by specialist doctors.

Organic food production

INDIAN FOR EVER supports farmers in the High Andes of Peru in their efforts to produce food using traditional organic methods. It provides training, advises local farmers, and provides them with precious seedcorn. This ensures that the farmers can plant and grow the most valuable traditional crops, which in some areas have given way to far less nutritious foodtsuffs, to feed their families and sell for profit.

Water supply

In many parts of the High Andes, arable land is available but water is in short supply. Total dependency on rainfall means that cultivation of crops is at best very limited. Many crops will not grow, or just wither in the dry season. INDIAN FOR EVER supports efforts to lay and maintain water ducts, helping farmers to grow their crops and feed their families.

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