About Us

Founders and Board

The non-profit association “Indian for Ever” was founded by a Peruvian-Swiss couple, Victor Cáceres and Astrid Olivia, and they remain at the helm today. Since 1988, they have invested much effort and heartache in their efforts to help Peru’s Indian people and spent much of their own time every year working for the project in Peru. Even before founding Indian for Ever, they were helping the local Indian people in their struggles to keep their traditions and know-how, and built irrigation systems to supply arid mountainous areas with water. In 2005, Victor and Astrid also founded the Fair-trade Company “Oro del Inca s.r.l”. (www.oro-del-inca.com ). This company buys food crops directly from local people (many of them are parents of children who were enrolled in the WAYNA INTI school), supports their efforts to practice traditional organic agriculture, and guarantees payment for their crops at above the average rate. The region supported by Oro del Inca is one of the poorest in Peru. Collaboration with the company helps the Indians to keep their culture alive while also enabling them to resume planting and cultivation of the most valuable traditional crops for their families; in some areas, these traditional crops have been displaced by far less nutritious commercial food products. Since 1988, Astrid has devoted much time to studying Inca culture and acquired considerable knowledge of ancient Inca teachings and energy techniques. Since 2006, she has been running “Inca Master”, an experiential seminar in Peru which enables people from Europe to learn and experience at first hand the ancient wisdom of the Inca. In 2009, Victor and Astrid were the first people to be honoured with the Peruvian government’s highest award for “Exceptional Services”.

Victor Cáceres

Of Inca ancestry, from Uraca in the Cuzco region of Peru, Director of ORO DEL INCA s.r.l.

Astrid Olivia


Other board members

Anton Styger

Anton is an architect and building biologist. For many years he has been investigating geomantic and electro-technical disturbances in buildings including residential buildings, clinics and livestock shelters. This often brings him into contact with intense fields of unknown energies that can be very disturbing to sensitive individuals, both children and adults. Through his books, seminars, lectures and individual therapy, he has helped thousands of people to free themselves from their afflictions.
He has been to Limatambo twice and helped the local people in the residential school and on the avocado plantation. The Limatambo aid project is also a key element of his work in Switzerland.

Irène Schlömer

Qualified as a kinesiologist at BIK, practised independently since 1993. In 2004 trained as hydrofrequency bioenergy therapist, since then active in light water research, authorized by Dr Enza Maria Ciccolo to give seminars. “Through Astrid Olivia and her husband Victor, I have been associated for a long time with their project Indian for ever / Wayna Inti, so I am honoured and delighted to be involved in the team working to provide some of Peru’s poorest Indian children with a rounded education.”

Elisabeth Brand Gadient

Qualified social worker with many years of experience in leadership.
“I also trained in the Logotherapy and Existential Analysis Institute in Chur, and currently base my further development on the “values imaging” teaching of Uwe Böschenmeyer.
Helping people in distress has always been my professional goal and one I have tried to apply in my everyday practice. I am convinced that many things will not function in our hectic society without the commitment of volunteers, and for that reason decided to support Astrid and Victor in their incredible initiative. If everyone were like them, the world would be a better place.”

William Cobb

“I became a supporter of Indian for Ever after a chance meeting with Victor some years ago in Geneva, where he was exhibiting photographs of the school project. I retired in January 2019, after working for more than 20 years as a translator and editor in the UN system in Geneva, and I now devote my time to travel, amateur astronomy, and certain voluntary initiatives including Indian for Ever. It is a great pleasure to contribute to a team helping people in an area of great deprivation a world away from our own experience.”