Completed Projects


(1998- December 2018)

The “Rising Sun” residential school in Peru’s High Andes

The children of WAYNA INTI do not just learn traditional school subjects like arithmetic and reading. They learn above all the skills that are essential for survival. For the standard primary and secondary school subjects, WAYNA INTI collaborates with teachers from the public school in Limatambo (Cuzco region). In the afternoon and evening the children are given intensive extra tuition and attend workshops where they are given practical training for life. These practical workshops, which are conducted by trained specialists, take the form of short intensive courses in areas including crop cultivation and horticulture in inaccessible areas, knowledge and use of medicinal plants, healthy nutrition and cooking, baking (bread, pizzas and cakes), pottery, textiles, weaving and sewing, theatre and art, and IT skills. The children are full of enthusiasm for these workshops, since they provide an opportunity for them to show how well they can cope with everyday tasks.
The centre takes in only Indian children who would otherwise have no opportunity to get a decent basic education, either because the cost of attending a public school is too high or because they live in remote areas too far away to get to school and back every day.
WAYNA INTI is independent in terms of political and religious affiliation. It is managed locally and exclusively by local people. The principal language in WAYNA INTI is not Spanish, as in other schools in Peru, but Quechua, the native language of the local people. Only in this way can the children remain close to their roots and maintain a strong relationship with their parents, many of whom speak only Quechua.

Other completed projects

School for parents

INDIAN FOR EVER has organized regular courses and training, free of charge, for adults in the High Andes. These have covered difficult areas of topical interest including aggression and violence in the family, sexuality, alcoholism, and a mindful and sustainable approach to the environment. The courses are conducted by subject specialists.

Sewing courses

Over a number of years, INDIAN FOR EVER has helped to organize free sewing and embroidery courses. These have been held on WAYNA INTI premises and normally lasted around two months.

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