Current Projects

Our most important projects

A healthy and sustainable cooking area

In the remote mountain villages many people suffer illness. Their huts consist of a single room, with an open wood-burning hearth serving as a kitchen. Mothers and small children suffer especially, as they breathe in smoke and soot all day. We want to work with the Indians to create cooking places that do not generate smoke and soot and are far more efficient because they burn less wood. We will provide the materials and bring them to the remote mountain villages. Skilled workers hired by us will instruct the Indians on the spot and work with them to build the new cokking areas. We stay only until everything is working.

Warm homes for surviving winter in the High Andes

With climate change, temperatures in the highest inhabited regions of the High Andes can fall to –15ºC in the winter. The Indians’ huts are not insulated or weather-proof. For the sick, the elderly and others with weakened resistence, chances of surviving the winter are poor. As there are no animal shelters, livestock has to remain outside in these icy temperatures in the winter and many animals freeze to death, so the Indians lose their sole asset. Our goal is to equip the local people with the necessary materials and know-how to insulate their huts and build shelters for their livestock.

Criteria for our immediate-help projects

  • We help those who have no one else. And we help them exactly where our help is most needed.
  • We help them be able to help themselves. That is the most important thing.
  • We act swiftly and pragmatic: The correct people (helpers, artisans, specialised personell) are accurately deployed for each project. We always try to work with indigenous people on-site.
  • We are vigilant, diligent and act effectively with costs. The emergencies, situations, and operations on-site are carefully assessed and controlled.
  • We strive for long term help. Even though we may help immediately, our help should last for a long time and give the people hope.

We need your help!